These are our entertainment code of practice:


In the event that a performance was cancelled or if you no longer are desirous of attending a performance which has been re-scheduled, you will be entitled to a full refund of the cost of your ticket. In the likelihood that you are not contacted by the club through your contact information, then it is advised that you make an application for your refund, preferably within five days of the performance.

We shall only be making refunds for tickets that have been paid for. No member or guest will be allowed to get a refund if the tickets were gotten for free or complimentary from the house.

Refund Scheme

We offer full refunds which cover the entire price of the ticket and these include all incidental fees as well as charges. Due to extenuating circumstances, we may offer partial refunds where applicable.

Please note that we shall not be offering reimbursements for ancillary costs which could be incurred by your presence or absence at the event. Such ancillary costs include but are not: parking fees, cost of travel to the venue, child-care, and cost of accommodation. Please be advised to obtain travel insurance to meet such ancillary costs.

  • No refunds in these scenarios
  1. Event dissatisfaction: we do not offer refunds in the event that guests have not enjoyed a performance. All booking for shows are in the event that the artist performs and not for the quality of the performance.

  2. Failure To Attend

No member or guest will be refunded for failure to attend an already booked show and this includes reasons such as; lateness, illness, or any other reason. All attendees are advised to come for the event or forfeit ticket.