We are one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in the UK providing jazz lovers and enthusiasts with a place they can call home. Ever since we opened, we have been privileged to feature some of the most renowned and legendary names in the history of jazz fusion and modern jazz.

The difference between us and our competitors is that we have originality, pizazz, and style reminiscent of the jazz masters of old. Everything we do can be traced back to the lovely old school jazz tradition where jazz was enjoyed in its undiluted form.

As a live venue (featuring live artistes) we ensure your hospitality and enjoyment when you pay for your tickets in advance before getting allocated your seats. Our ticket prices vary per seat, although this excludes social members.

Our jazz club has a bar which has a different venue from the main club. To find out more info, see here.


Because of our enthusiasm for jazz and the commitment to our members, we make sure to stay open 7days a week and including bank holidays.


Tickets are paid for online. We do not accept money at the door. To book your tickets please visit the section here. Entry fee for booking is dependent on your seating allocation. Standard seats cost £34.50.

Priority setting cost 39.50. Please note that all our concerts have different pricing according to the stature of the musician. To find out more about pricing and ticket availability, please see here.

Dress Code

At our club we expect well-dressed ladies and smart gentlemen. As such we expect people to dress with style. We operate a sharp but casual dress code and you could dress formal as you please.

Note that we do not allow shorts or flip-flops into our venue.


We are a club that caters for all people irrespective of disabilities or not. Our club is wheelchair-accessible and we also have wheelchair accessible restrooms that are adjacent the bar.


As a gentleman's club we expect that patrons, members, and guests keep their voices to the lowest minimum. This will help you and others to enjoy the performances of our guest artistes.


For the sake of your safety and the safety of others, we check all bags upon making your entry into the club. Anyone who refuses to submit their bags to be checked shall be refused entry.